Meeting Michael Bublé

A Spin-off Blessing

May 5, 2015

April 27, 2014, my dearest great-aunt, Irene, passed away. She was a huge Michael Bublé fan and has seen him many times in Vancouver, BC. She even was a part of Michael’s last Christmas special this past December.

She had her own “connections” to Michael, and our family has been well aware of this for years. It’s through her, that we learned about Michael’s kind character as she always spoke very highly of him.

When I undertook my dream quest, I contacted my aunt, in part for advice and also hoping for some assistance. When I called her after too many years, I learned how sick she was. My mom had been informing me of her health challenges for quite some time, but I didn’t truly understand until I spoke with her. She couldn’t talk for long, so it was a short conversation.
I made a point of calling her back a couple weeks later. But this time, meeting Michael didn’t matter. Telling Auntie Irene how I loved and admired her was all that mattered. She was always so quick to laugh and spunky and strong and kind. I had to tell her that I love that she had a favourite story about me and frequently reminded me of it. I told her how I looked up to her and that she meant a lot to me and about how she had influenced my life. I told her about my dream and she wished me luck.

And so, I am once more blessed in relation to Michael Bublé. Because of this dream, and taking steps to make it a reality, I was given the opportunity to tell Auntie Irene how much I love her and in a way, say good-bye. I was given the gift of closure. I am grateful.

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