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My Word for 2018 and Other Things I Haven’t Been Sharing

February 13, 2018

2018 is almost through and now is the time to share my goals with you. Okay, truth time… this post was drafted in FEBRUARY! And I sat on it all this time. But having reread it, I am sharing it now because it is all true.

When I say I will do something, especially when I utter it out loud, it becomes a thing: a solid commitment. It becomes something that I focus upon and strive towards and ultimately accomplish. It becomes something I am going to do come Hell or high water. I know this about myself. And it explains why there’s been some stuff I haven’t been sharing.

I also know that sometimes I delay in the sharing of my goals and dreams. It’s not always about procrastination, although it can be. Sometimes it has more to do with being sure that it’s really something I want or really the direction I want to go in. Sometimes I need to gain a little of my own momentum before I bring in the rest of the world. It may have been all of the above.

All I know is that now is the time to share, so here goes!

My 2018 comes down to 3 things:

  • Free my voice.
  • Get healthy.
  • And my word for the year is Buble!

Let’s start with the fun one: Buble as my word for 2018.

In searching for my word for 2018 – that word that I can use as a guidepost to light my path for the year – I asked my friends on Facebook for some words that I embodied or that they would use to describe me. I am very grateful for all the responses, but one word stood out: Buble. I suspect this was suggested in jest; however, I loved it right away but thought that wasn’t a “proper” word for a year. Proper words would be brave, healthy, accountable, fun, not Buble. But Buble just wouldn’t let me be. I kept coming back to it, so I began to explore what this word could mean for my year.

And once I gave it some thought I realized that it is the perfect word for my 2018. Buble embodies so much for me: Music (obviously), movement, joy, loss, memories, singing, fun, sauciness (if you have seen Michael’s show, you’ll understand), comebacks, healthy, children, Jacob, faith, spontaneity, romance, dreams come true, goals accomplished, hope, success, and I’m sure there’s more. I can’t wait to see where this word takes me this year.

Getting healthy is likely on many people’s list and I am no different. The past couple of years have been a slog and I have not felt my best. 2018 is my year to take care of me and make some changes that will benefit my overall health regardless of the cause. So please pass the kale and I’ll join you on your walk, thank you very much!

Focusing on freeing my voice began with the realization that I need to advocate for myself and my health. I need to ask for what I want, insist on being heard, and take action when necessary. But as I thought about this more, my health was not the only area of my life where I was either remaining silent or not using my voice well.

In 2018 I will free my voice in the following ways:

  • Advocate for myself and my needs.
  • Ask for help.
  • Say no. Just no. No is a complete sentence kinda no.
  • Sing more – even in public. By the end of the year, I am going to be singing on a stage. It may be karaoke or something I don’t know about yet, but it’s coming.
  • Express my gratitude verbally.
  • Ask for what I need.
  • Ask for others to reconsider if I disagree.
  • Laugh more.
  • Say the fun and crazy things that are in my head that are pretty funny but I don’t actually share for fear that people will a) not laugh or b) laugh or c) think I’m nuts.

So it’s November 7. What have I accomplished since I started this post?

SO MUCH. Even though I wasn’t talking about it, I stuck to my three themes for the year.

2018 has involved plenty of chances to use my voice and make changes. Sure some changes were small but they made a big difference. I didn’t need to broadcast what I had committed to, only I needed to know.  The year has been rough in a lot of ways, but I’m riding the wave, keeping an eye on the good stuff that will see me through (ahem, Buble).

When I read my draft from February, I chuckled to myself when I came to “sing more.” It’s true, I have been singing more and I will be singing – publicly! I am honoured to sing (as a guest) with the most amazing group of women, Rythm of the Rockies on December 1, 2018. You can get your tickets here. Fast Forward to Christmas Past will get your Holiday Season off to a great start.

I know the year is not officially over, but looking back today I am grateful for where I am at and with what I have accomplished. December will be the icing on the cake.

And 2019? I already have ideas for you. I have even chosen my theme word. Maybe I’ll share it, maybe I won’t.

In any case, I will get back to my writing my blog as that’s also a way to use my voice. I’ve missed you.

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