Welcome to Ponder This Life

Pondering This Life

I’m so glad you found my website. My words are freeing for me and they need to be shared. I know that in sharing my story, my experiences, and my thoughts, and by being vulnerable, I can do some good in the world. Perhaps you will find something here that speaks to you.

I believe that all the people who visit my site are meant to, so welcome! Please explore. I have a few different blog topics:

  • My Grief Journey – It’s exactly that. My experience with grief and the loss of my eight-year-old son, Jacob.
  • Moments of Inspiration – Poetry, prose, whatever I feel inspired to write.
  • The Giving Key – Here I focus on Letting Go and what that means.
  • Meeting Michael Bublé – Yeah, I did. Twice! Tales from my adventures in goal setting.
  • Penguin Tales – Jacob had a Penguin named Petey that’s inspired some stories.

May you find inspiration, understanding, consolation or thought-provoking content here that makes your life better. It’s my gift to you.