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June 11, 2014

After writing my last blog post and publishing it online, I was pumped and eager to keep going and make some phone calls. And I did. I called Bruce Allen Talent to find out if Michael is having any meet and greet opportunities in Calgary. I was so nervous, fearing a “buzz off response” or the like, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Despite the most amazingly friendly person on the other end, who treated me with the utmost respect, openness, and kindness, the answer was still, “no”.  This cheerful person on the other end of the phone double checked for me (how I wish I hadn’t missed her name) and explained that Michael is not doing any meet and greets with this tour – period. She suggested that I take to the interwebs to see if I could find any other opportunities to connect with Michael.  She never made me feel it was hopeless, but still, that call brought me to a screeching halt.

I felt deflated. How else am I going to meet Michael? I’m not the stalker type, so hanging outside hotels or the Saddledome to catch a glimpse is not really my style. (Sure others have done it successfully and I may have to rethink this if things come to that.) I found myself taking a break from writing, thinking or doing anything about this goal of mine. My evenings involved sleep instead of action.

Thankfully, this slowing of action was short-lived in large part because I discovered some new-found motivation and tools in an unlikely place. For work, I attended the Vitalize 2014 conference June 5-7, 2014. For those who don’t know, the Vitalize conference is the go-to training and skills development opportunity for the non-profit/voluntary sector in Alberta organized by Alberta Culture. Delegates can choose from a variety of vital and engaging, 90-minute speaker sessions covering topics such as fundraising, board development, leadership, stress management, volunteer management and more.

So what tools and inspiration got me moving again?  Hypnosis linked with goal setting. I had conveniently “forgot” I was going to a goal-setting related hypnosis workshop. I probably should have clued in sooner as the workshop was entitled, “Unconsciously Set Yourself Up to Succeed” with Wayne Lee. Once I realized what was involved, I was intrigued as I’d always been curious about hypnosis. When the opportunity came to go up on stage, I took it. Turns out I had a hard time relaxing on stage, so I did not end up staying up there to become the star attraction of the day.

While I had anticipated sitting back and enjoying the show after being dismissed from the stage, that’s not what happened. When I was first on stage and Wayne was hypnotizing our large group, music was playing while. Later, similar music came on when Wayne was working with the remaining three stage participants and having them focus on their goals, imagining what success would feel like. Suddenly my whole body was heavy, I could not keep my eyes open and tears were streaming down my face.  I was envisioning how it would feel to successfully meet Michael Bublé. Try as I might stop crying, the tears just came. It makes perfect sense to me that I reacted that way as this is a very emotional goal, tied to some painful memories and strong emotions. As Wayne moved on with stage group, I returned to my normal self or so I thought.

To wrap up the workshop, Wayne lead the audience through envisioning our goals and again I found myself very relaxed, heavy and crying. Then I discovered that I couldn’t think of Michael Bublé without crying!!! Wow! If I thought of meeting Michael Bublé, a new wave of tears came along. Not just sweet tears trickling down my face. No, it was the big ugly cry. You know the one where your nose runs and your face contorts and your body collapses? So I sat there, crying, as the workshop came to a close. People left or chatted with Wayne, and I kept crying. I desperately searched my bag for more tissues, napkins, anything! At last, I was the only person left in the room, crying.

Wayne approached to see how I was doing. I answered, “not good.” I explained what I had experienced and what was happening to me in the moment. I told him about my goal and how it was linked to the death of my son. I explained that when I envisioned successfully meeting Michael,  I started to cry and apparently couldn’t stop. Honestly, before this workshop, I frequently cried when speaking about my dream.

Wayne and I agreed to change the association for me, so I could stop crying, feel grounded and positive around my goal and still hold dear my son’s memory! We went a little further and added the suggestion around being articulate when speaking to people I admire. After this extra work, I felt so much better. Now I feel happy and energized each time I think of this fantastic goal. Actually, I find myself uncontrollably smiling whenever I think of Michael Bublé. (That’d be my natural response to successfully meeting Michael. That and I’d probably squeal with delight.) Envisioning success comes much easier now.

Prior to this experience, I hadn’t considered hypnosis as a goal setting tool. Now I can see it is a perfect fit. It helped me remove the fear keeping me blocked from successfully reaching my goal. I can feel and envision success, but I also feel more confident in just doing what I need to do to be successful. But does it work?

After Wayne’s workshop, I stayed for the closing ceremonies and listened to Drew Dudley speak about leadership. He was fantastic. What I truly appreciated about Drew, and he said A LOT during his speech, was that he was very passionate, sincere, and bang on.  I could also identify with him in so many other ways. Check out his TED talks for some inspiration.

Afterward Drew’s talk, I chose to speak with him because his speech really moved me and I wanted to let him know in person how much I appreciated his words. It was also a great opportunity to practice speaking with a public figure that I admired. Drew was delightful and very open. Interestingly, I had a moment while speaking with Drew when I felt like I was witnessing the conversation. I noticed that my words came freely and that I actually sounded articulate. I was not tripping on my words; something that has plagued me in similar situations in the past. I left that room (after getting a photo with Drew – hooray!) feeling completely energized and motivated to take on the world.

I am learning, more and more each day, that this world is filled with the most amazing and inspirational people. I love engaging with them. It’s so satisfying taking the chance and speaking with them instead of being shy. Thank you, Wayne, and Drew for wrapping up an already phenomenal convention with such positive insight and energy.

So did I get my act in gear? Yes, I did. Saturday night, I tweeted Alan Frew letting him know I quoted him in my blog. (He retweeted it!) I shared my blog update with my Facebook friends. I began writing this blog update. Monday I called that amazing woman at Bruce Allen Talent and thanked her for being so awesome. She deserved it. That day, I also contacted Angie to see if she’d had any luck with Warner Music Canada (no luck there either). She gave me some suggestions to try and I’m working on those. She also let me know that things can change last minute and to stay on things.

Today I followed up with my other contact who has a friend who knows Michael. We’ll see where that goes. I am figuring out how to mobilize my friends to spread the word on my behalf; they approached me, I just need to give some direction. I am brainstorming who I can tell about my dream and I’m writing and sending proposals. I must keep going, things are getting a little crazy, but I won’t stop now. Eventually, I will reach the right person and everything will simply fall into place. I believe.

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