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Stopping Makes Starting Again Such a Drag

February 9, 2018

Have you ever stopped doing something and then had a really hard time starting again? You know like healthy eating, regular exercise, writing your blog? I suspect most humans have had this experience so I know I’m not alone in it. But boy! How do you begin?!?

It is sad to see just how long it has been since I have written a post. Life got busy. I got sick with a nasty, phlegmy cold. Then it was the holidays. Soon I was way off track when it came to my writing. Heck, even duties for my beloved non-profit sat waiting to be completed, neglected. Me and my creativity had ground to a full stop.

The longer I waited to get back on track, the worse I felt. Guilt, shame, lowered self-confidence, self-criticism all reared their ugly heads. So I just started avoiding it altogether. I made other people and tasks a priority giving me an out – I was too busy. But the truth of the matter was that I was avoiding writing, not really wanting to share myself with the world.

It surprised me that even after volunteering at Transformation Weekend, I was not super motivated to dig into writing even though my creativity was sparked and the ideas had begun to flow. To me, Transformation Weekend is the most wonderful time of the year. It makes me so excited and happy to help others and it always gets me thinking about what I’d like to change in my life. I find myself asking, “How do I want to show up? Where am I not doing that? What needs to change?” Some sort of shift always follows.

Getting the Pen Moving

My writing was not on the top of the list; my health is, and that’s what I addressed first. I joined an amazing group of women through Achievement Club and am now committed to walking every Sunday morning – no matter how bleeping cold it is outside. And come March, I’ll be adding stairs to my Wednesday morning routine. And while I moved towards my goal of healthy, I still felt blocked when it came to writing.

Inspiration to get back to writing came in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Mid-January I was lucky to receive an 8-week holistic weightloss program from Holly Doll at HD Holistic Wellness. While I am not actively trying to lose weight, I could use some accountability and education on how to improve my health through solid dietary changes. Holly’s tagline, “Progress over perfection” helped me choose a positive mindset and got me started. I picked one thing to implement versus a huge overhaul of my diet. Better to make small changes that are more likely to stick longterm than big ones that are not sustainable.

This idea of just start small began to tickle my writing bug, nudging it to wake up and get busy. What’s one way to get writing that’s small? Journalling! My gratitude journal, writing my “I am’s” (thanks Lindy for helping create some that I love), writing love notes to my husband and child. These little things started my writing ball rolling.

A further push to keep going helped me gather momentum.

It’s RRSP season so I was meeting my financial planner to change up a few things. Some of these changes potentially involved stopping a regular contribution to my investments. She promptly reminded me that stopping an automatic contribution makes it more difficult to start again later. True. But I have a goal of zero consumer debt which means not focusing on wealth-building right now. But I didn’t want to lose the momentum I already had, so we decided to modify the contributions.

As I had mentioned, even my writing contributions to the non-profit I’m involved with had stopped altogether. Nothing like a Journey Through Loss of a Young Child Society board meeting to provide sufficient motivation to get me started writing again. People were relying on me. I am the secretary, so I had to prep for our meeting. My Journey work feeds my soul lets me live my purpose, so naturally, it awakened the rest of me too. Meeting with the team gave me some new ideas on what to write for that blog, but even just typing up the minutes had me re-engaged.

Typing Away Today

I am awakening just as spring is getting ready to unfold.

My good friend Katrien says winter is for rest. Maybe that was what was happening for me? Perhaps I needed the rest of winter, so I can fully express myself come spring. All sorts of growth and preparation are happening under the surface, come spring some amazing new growth will emerge. I can’t wait to see what blooms.

It’s time to shift my priorities.

Before when I was writing regularly, my personal writing came first or it didn’t get done. So this morning, I am writing for me – first, before I do work. It feels so good. I missed it.

Starting again was a drag. It was hard and seemed like such a daunting task and brought up so many feelings. I had to rebuild my momentum. I am grateful to the all the little nudges that came my way to get me to start again.

Now the key will be building on my momentum. Slow is fine, but stopping altogether and having to start all over again – ugh!

I’m not going to beat myself up over stopping. I am starting again and that is that.

Do you have a project, goal or something else you have stopped doing? What’s one small thing you can do TODAY that can get you moving in that direction?

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