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Meeting Michael Bublé

Many Helping Hands

May 12, 2014

Meeting Michael Bublé is a pretty crazy dream in my books. He’s incredibly famous and ultra busy and I would like tem minutes of his time while he’s on tour. No small order. A bit lofty, but not impossible.

But to accomplish meeting Michael, I need help. A lot of different help and a whole lot of encouragement. I have to be brave and share my dream, exposing my insecurities and most painful experience, in order to ask for help.

I am amazed that not one person thought meeting Michael was crazy or unrealistic. Most wished me luck, and EVERY person I asked for help, has helped where they can. So many helping hands – it’s amazing!

Thank you to each and every person who’s helped me on my journey. I love you all and wish nothing but the best for you:

  • My husband, Gerald – For always being supportive, helping me get things done, keeping me going, encouraging me not to quit, and just plain loving me.
  • Erin & Lindy – Thank you for your encouragement and helping me understand my “why” and getting me started.
  • Angie – Thank you for not hesitating when I asked you to try to get my story in front of the right people. Fingers crossed!
  • Rob Hilditch – Thank you for being willing to re-connect with your past to help with my future and for sharing my story whenever you can.
  • My co-workers at the Alzheimer Society of Calgary – Thank you for your encouragement, offering assistance and advice, for believing in my dream and for listening to me chatter about MB.
  • To my friends and family – Thank you for all your love and support and best wishes.

I realize I’m thanking people before I have any sort of arrangements. But the thanks are warranted as without these people, I wouldn’t have arrived at this point. THANK YOU!

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