Richelle selfie with Michael Buble
Meeting Michael Bublé

Lightning Strikes Twice

June 26, 2014

When I wrote my last blog post, I was riding the joy of having met Michael Bublé in Edmonton. It was a brief and inappropriate exchange while I snuggled up for the group photo following the sound check. We were quickly ushered out and Michael set about his business to get ready for the show. I didn’t get to really speak with him or explain why it was important to me, but I had met Michael and that was better than nothing. I was SO happy.

Before Sunday, my friend Jenn and I had made plans to meet for lunch at a strategically chosen location in hopes that we’d get lucky and meet up with Michael. This was going to be the last effort to make my dream come true. After Sunday, we decided that our planned lunch would be a celebration lunch instead because meeting Michael had already happened. I took the afternoon off to enjoy a long-overdue visit in a nice, quiet restaurant.

Tuesday, June 24 rolled around. I was running a few minutes late, so I texted my friend because I could not find her and I sat and waited for her in the lobby for about ten minutes. It was past lunchtime and I was hungry so I decided to grab something light while I waited. As I walked in I noticed a gentleman sitting with his back to the door and I thought, “Nah, can’t be.” But the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach told me otherwise. I asked if I could seat myself and joked with the waiter about meeting my friend and her often being late. I sat so I could see the door (okay, so I could see who that gentleman was).  I sat down and looked up and I must have made a hell of a face. Michael noticed and put on his hat.

The waitress came over and asked if I would like a glass of something. I was so freaked out I could barely converse with her, but I did manage to tell her I would read the menu. Service was slow. I found myself looking for the waitress willing her to come back because I needed something to calm my nerves. F-bombs were exploding in my head. Here I am by myself facing Michael Bublé trying to calm myself, but every time our eyes met, I looked away and freaked out a little more. He must have thought me so strange.

Then my friend Jenn called to tell me she was on the way after being delayed by a flat tire. She would be with me as soon as she could. I just carried on the conversation, telling her to take her time and be safe and that I would see her when she arrived. I was trying to be calm. Meanwhile, I was looking at Michael finishing up his meal with his companion. Finally, my wine arrived (hallelujah) and I let the waitress know my friend would be late.

Did I mention that this entire time I was terrified? It was the most bizarre feeling being scared, exhilarated, nervous, and amazed at my luck all at the same time. It took a whole lot of self-control not to completely lose it.  When Michael got up to leave, I seized my chance and I asked to speak with him for two minutes. And he said, “Yes”. I suspect he knew that was coming.

First, I told him that I had a website about meeting him and he replied, “That’s crazy!” I started back-peddling. Perhaps that was not the best opener? I continued and let him know that I had been wanting to thank him for his music for seven years and I told him my story. He looked me in the eyes and listened. Michael asked how old my son was.  (I forgot to tell him Jacob’s name.) He was incredibly kind, attentive, and sweet. Once I had finished sharing (I don’t think I gave him much chance to respond), I asked for a photo. That lightened the mood as he gave me a definite, “Yes”.

I retrieved my phone from the table where I had left it. My hands were shaking so bad, I looked at the lovely woman who was with him and asked her to take the photo because I could not. She replied with a huge smile and said, “He’ll do it.” Michael took my phone and got things all set up and positioned us so we could take this amazing photo.

Richelle selfie with Michael Buble
Me and Mr B

Selfie with Michael Bublé (Holy Double Crap!)

I thanked Michael, hugged him, then wished him well. I sat back down at my table, had a swig of wine and ordered some soup. There was no way I was going to be able to eat much. I was still shaking.

I let a few close friends know what had happened, but to respect Michael’s privacy, I did not share the photo until the next day when he would likely be out of town. Mission accomplished! I shared my story with Michael and he heard how he had changed my grief because of the emotions he had stirred in my heart before Jacob died. The icing on the cake: a “selfie” taken by Michael himself. But my day was not over yet.

I nearly floated to the concert that night. I had been anticipating it for months and was so eager to see the new stage and format. He pulled the best of his shows together into one phenomenal spectacle. The new staging enhanced the music and Michael’s antics. The best part for me was when he sang, “Everything”, of course. I do believe I let out a rather loud scream as they played the first few bars. Tears streaming down my face, smiling and singing along once again seven years to the day; it was perfect. (Thanks for the hugs, Leah.) I thought that was enough, but then the show came to a close with the song that had sealed my fate as a Bublé fan 10 years ago: “Song for You”. And he sang the last few lines without accompaniment or microphone, just as he had back then. And I fell for him once more.

June 24, 2014, proved to be an incredible day of chance encounters, kindness, music, and fun. Most of all though, it was healing. I now have the most amazing, happy memories associated with Michael’s music and for that I am grateful.

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