Don't Should On Me
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Don’t Should On Me

January 9, 2017

I see you there
Looking at me
Are you judging me?
Wishing that I were different?
Do I not fit your expectations?

I see you
In the Mirror
Looking back at Me
Please don’t should on me

I am alive
I am human
I have the right to be who I am
I am love
I am kindness
I am silly
I am sexy

I love freely
But do I?

Am I kind, really?
How do I show kindness to myself?
I cajole and prod and push
But do I honour where I am?
Do I tell myself it’s okay to just be?

Because sometimes, you need
to Just Be
In the stillness, so you can hear
the perfection
and grasp the creativity
and know
that you are okay

But you should on me
and say I should get moving
Get things done
Sell more
Do more
Be more

But what if today, I don’t?
What if today, I just am?
What if I just take the time to write
And pour out my heart that aches
With each should I place upon myself?

What if I take the nap my body needs?
What if I don’t complete the work assigned to me,
but take care of myself?
I know I will be better for it
But I should get my work done

How my heart aches from the shoulding
It doesn’t like to fit into your box
It is not kind to expect it to
My love needs expression
My creativity needs to grow and bloom
My joy needs to move my body
I need to feel alive
Imperfect, yes
My Self
My Soul

Gather up your shoulds
Write them down
Burn them – if you choose
I will not should on you
Release them – if you wish

I choose to let go
of Shoulds
Ought to’s
I release my urge to should on me.

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