Bublé Fans Unite! Wish Michael a Happy Birthday #IBelieveInYou
Meeting Michael Bublé

Bublé Fans Unite! Wish Michael a Happy Birthday #IBelieveInYou

September 8, 2017

Hey Bublé fans,

@MichaelBublé’s birthday is September 9th. Please join me in celebrating @MichaelBublé. Let’s give back to him what he gives to us – positive energy, love, and hope.

Here’s what you need to do (do 1 or all 3, up to you):

  • Share a photo of you with a sign saying #IBelieveInYou and tag @MichaelBublé
  • Share your fave Michael Bublé story or photos and tag @MichaelBublé and use #IBelieveInYou
  • Share your fave Michael Bublé song, tell us why you love it, tag @MichaelBublé and use #IBelieveInYou
  • Use #IBelieveinYou, #happybirthdayMB, and #MichaelBublé

So why do this?

Prior to Noah’s illness, Nobody But Me was touted as a very personal and different album for @MichaelBublé. I feel it’s one of his best (I have them all), and I want him to know how much I love this album because of how it lifts me up. Michael could easily retreat from being personal in the next album and that would be understandable. This album is a wonderful accomplishment. Nobody But Me may be the album “when Noah got sick”. No one can change that. But we can add some positivity to it and create something good associated with it.

My favourite song on the album is, “I Believe in You.” No matter my mood, this song lifts me up. It is so full of hope and love that I want to send it back to Michael.

Soooo… I am putting out the rally call to ALL Bublé fans to create some good memories around this album using the song title – just for Michael. #IBelieveInYou is the rally call. Will you answer?

Share this post or create your own to share the idea. Let’s see what we can do together!

And here’s my fave song… because this is my site and I want to share it… excuse me while I go dance!


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