Leah Richelle Michael Buble Edmonton June 22 2014
Meeting Michael Bublé

It’s a Beautiful Day and I’m Feeling Good

June 23, 2014

YES! Success! I met Michael Bublé on Sunday, June 22, 2014, in Edmonton, AB. How that came about taught me a few lessons of note. Plus this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a few amazing souls on Team Bublé and I’d like to acknowledge them. So here is the scoop!

If you haven’t read my last post, “My Lost Blog From Last Week…”, consider reading it before continuing. But if you haven’t the time, here is the summary: I was lagging in my faith and along came a quote to remind me to be open to the possibility. I didn’t know what would happen, but I just knew in my heart that SOMETHING would work out and I would get to meet Michael.

A couple of days after writing my last blog post my opportunity came. Back when this endeavor began, I joined the Michael Bublé Fan Club site, www.bungalow-b.com, to learn how other people had managed to meet Michael. I also saw that he had held sound check parties during a few parts of his tour this past Fall. I have been keeping my eye on the site hoping for a contest, but we were so close to the concert dates and still, there was nothing! Until early last week, that is. Ha! This was my chance. But first I had to ask myself if I won, could I hold up my end of the bargain and be there. I didn’t have to think about it long. I also knew with a bizarre certainty that if I entered, I would go. So I completed the contest entry and hung my hope on a random draw.

This past week was incredibly busy with work and home life and this was nearly the undoing of my dream. The week flew by and suddenly it was Friday afternoon and I finally sat down to check my emails. I had not checked them Thursday after work or evening because I was busy with my son and then I fell asleep after putting him to bed. There were quite a few emails and then as I scrolled down, I saw one from Team Bublé. I quickly read it and learned I had won an opportunity to attend the sound check in Edmonton. (Insert excited expletives here.) I fired off a response, proclaiming that they’d made my dreams come true! This was amazing! I bought some cheap seats to the Edmonton show so I could attend. Then I told a couple close friends and we all did a happy dance.

I was so excited about the opportunity that I just HAD to tell the person on the other end why I couldn’t believe my luck. So I was typing the second response when I noticed the date on the initial email: June 19. I was supposed to have responded the day before. I was a day late. F! I had missed the deadline because I had forgotten to check my emails. Lesson number one: IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW UP ON, ALWAYS SET YOURSELF A REMINDER OR TWO. Doh! I was so close and I had screwed up.

And that is what I said to Ms. T of Team Bublé. I was so close, I just could not let up now. I decided not to accept defeat and at least try to see if the situation could be remedied. I acknowledged it was my mistake and I was willing to accept the outcome, but I had to tell them about my dream, my story, and hope for the best. Surely, it wouldn’t end like this?

Obviously, things went well. I received an email from another amazing Ms. T of Team Bublé letting me know that she had my contact info and that she’d meet me at the designated time and place for the sound check party. Holy crap! Am I lucky or what? But more than that, I am grateful for the person that decided to include me. Just writing that makes me want to cry. Thank you. You know who you are!

Sunday morning, my friend Leah and I climbed into my car and made the three-hour drive to Edmonton and waited to go inside for the sound check party. It was inspiring to be with the Wayne Gretzky’s statue on this day when his quote, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take” had inspired me to keep shooting for the stars. While waiting I had to take this photo (notably before Michael took his photo smooching with Wayne):

Richelle & Wayne Gretzky Statue Edmonton June 22 2014
Richelle & Wayne Gretzky Statue Edmonton June 22 2014

When we were admitted into the stadium for the sound check, we made our way to row two and were delighted to be so close as Michael and his musicians did the sound check. Michael was very interactive, relaxed, bawdy, funny and amazing. It was wonderful to watch him. He played about five songs and then it was time for photos. All was said and done in under half an hour. Yes, I drove for over three hours for less for maybe twenty minutes, but look what I have for a souvenir! Oh, and I got a bit of a hug too! Best of all, I can say, “I did it!”

THANK YOU to everyone who helped along the way, those I know and those I have never met. My heart overflows with gratitude, kindness, and well-wishes to you all!

Crop Richelle & Michael Buble Edmonton Soundcheck June 22 2014
Richelle & Michael Buble Edmonton Soundcheck June 22 2014

Mr. B and Me (Holy Crap!)

If you’re a Bublé fan and you want a chance to meet Michael at his upcoming Canadian shows, sign up for his fan club and enter to win. Who knows, lightning could strike for you too!


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